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Vision Unfold Inc. strives to protect the well-being of individuals and families across the USA by strengthening its students for educational opportunities, with an emphasis on empowering students & families in low-middle income communities to achieve higher education. 

  • Academic Programming

  • College Preparation

  • Community Service

  • Career Awareness

  • Mentoring

  • Supporting Families

  • Financial Literacy

  Tammy R. ~ Student

Eastern Michigan University 

Having grown up in a low-income community, I am keenly aware of the value that becoming a mentor has played in my career. Given the advice and wisdom that they have provided I know I would not be where I am today without the help of Vision Unfolds guidance to mentorship. At this point in my career, I am excited to offer the same support to another student. ”

  Dr. Claude Washington~ Professor

Oakland University 

 This is a program that provides real value to the community. By helping kids do better in school, Vision Unfold, boost their confidence and ensure that they stay engaged in academics, instead of the activity on the streets. This is the kind of programming we need more of in our urban neighborhoods, and the kind of public-private partnerships that I encourage 

  Mrs. Clarice Thomas~ Principal

White Elementary School   

 Students are able to receive very specific help in a non-traditional, non-threatening environment. We’re happy with the enthusiasm teachers at the participating schools are demonstrating and the new ways they find to integrate (Vision Mentoring/Tutorial Services) into their classrooms.

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