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" One of thee most influential young woman in social work today" ~ The Michigan Chronicle
Elizabeth R. Richardson MA, MSW


          Elizabeth Renee Richardson MA, MSW, is the President and CEO of the Vision Unfold  (VU), a national non-profit organization based in Metropolitan Detroit Area. VU's mission strives to protect the well-being of individuals and families across the USA by strengthening its students for educational opportunities, with an emphasis on empowering students/families in low-income communities to achieve higher education. The non-profit maintains a focus to educate and remove barriers for under privileged students in urban communities; by providing them with grants for tutorial/mentorship services and resources for life management. With much success, VU now services a number of schools in 5 public urban community school districts in the Michigan area.

         Ms. Richardson has worked in the field of social work and education for more than 20 years working with families in public and private sector of mental health/schools. She is widely recognized as a thought leader in educational and social services research. Also known as a well-respected advocate, Ms. Richardson has earned a Masters Degree in Educational Administration for K-12 and a Masters Degree in Social Work. She is currently a Doctoral Candidate in Social Work Administration. The Michigan Chronicle recently selected her as one of the 20 most influential women in social work today. In 2013, Ms. Richardson launched and named her own cosmetics company called “Liz Renee Cosmetics”, she is profiled in the upcoming book “Makeup Your Mind”: Struggles Revealed, which features her profile and tells her story as a young woman growing up in an urban community with big dreams to help those less fortunate. 50% of proceeds of Liz Renee Cosmetics funds the educational projects of VU and provides scholarships to students in need.

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